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KATO x TooManyLeftHands (DK)

KATO and TooManyLeftHands (TMLH) hired Showtech and I to provide the visual design for their Tivoli concert. KATO and TMLH wanted to make a spectacular show which included a large amount of led screen, lighting fixtures, and special effects. It was a pleasure working with such professional artists as KATO and TMLH.

Fixtures used for the production:

24 x Acme Solaris

32 x Acme XP20 BSW

18 x Clay Paky Sharpy

16 x Acme LED 200

20 x SGM X-5

24 x Martin Mac Aura

24 x Martin Mac Viper

8 x Martin Atomic LED

1 x Grand MA2 light 1 x Grand MA2 Commandwing

1 x Grand MA2 NPU

1 x Green Hippotizer, Amba V4

Venue: Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

AV & Lighting supplier: Showtech (DK)

Pictures by Lasse Lagoni

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